About us

Welcome to the captivating tale behind the birth of Linked Frame—a visionary brand born from the united vision of two friends: a gifted photographer and a passionate businessman. Their journey commenced during a breathtaking expedition through Morocco, where the photographer's lens immortalized astonishing images that left them awe-inspired.

Linked Frame Photographer | Exquisite Metal Posters

Driven by their love for photography and a deep reverence for our planet's wonders, the dynamic duo embarked on a noble mission—to create a brand that brings captivating images into the very heart of homes.

Linked Frame specializes in crafting exquisite, sustainable metal posters adorned with extraordinary photographs sourced from every corner of the globe. At its core lies an unwavering passion for the art of photography, recognizing its power to weave narratives, forge connections, and ignite positive change.

Photographer climbing Mountain | Linked Frame Metal
United by their aspirations, the friends curated a captivating collection, collaborating with seasoned printers to ensure each poster exuded visual allure while standing the test of time.

Beyond aesthetic appeal, Linked Frame is an advocate of environmental responsibility. With every poster purchased, the brand actively contributes to sustainable initiatives, planting trees worldwide to create a tangible impact on our environment.

Linked Frame stands as a testament to the shared passion, dedication to photography, and commitment to preserving the precious wonders of our world.

Discover remarkable, authentic,
and sustainable metal posters that inspire the soul—a destination where beauty and sustainability intertwine seamlessly.
Welcome to Linked Frame.